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An Add A Level or Addition Can Make the Most Out of Your Home.

You love the house you’re in, don’t let a lack of room force you to abandon your home. Whether your family is expanding or you just outgrown your current space, RTI Builders will help.

Avoid the hassles of buying a new home. Don’t worry about pitfalls of a shaky housing market. Save the expensive closing, lawyer and moving costs. Transform your current house into exactly the home you want it to be.

RTI Builders makes it easier than you think. We complete most additions, add-a-levels and dormers within four weeks. Your job is always our most important priority. Unlike our competitors who juggle multiple jobs at a time, we do things differently. Each and every one of our customers are our “exclusive customer” while we’re working on their project. Our complete focus is always on you, your project and your home. We have many completed projects that can be seen in towns such as Cranford, Clark, Westfield, Scotch Plains, Woodbridge, and Edison. A referal list is always provided, complete with addresses of our projects.