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The Buzz On Our Buildings.

Just a brief note to thank you for such a wonderful job on our dormer.

As you know, we had put off doing this work due to having had such a terrible experience with another contractor on a much smaller job. It continued for many months and was never successfully completed and we were definitely not looking forward to the possibility of another such experience. Our entire experience with RTI from the first meeting to completion of the work in just three weeks was a pleasure. Mark and the crew were a joy to have around and the efficiency of their work was observed not only by us but by the entire neighborhood.

Thanks to all of you for a wonderful job.

- Diane and Russ

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing new 2-story addition to our house at 49 Concord Street, Cranford, NJ. Your crew is the most organized I have ever seen. Will was at our house every morning without fail and the addition was done in 16 days! Your work was so well organized that there wasn’t a day that went by without something being worked on.

Your crew did an amazing job of cleaning up after themselves and I looked forward to coming home each day to see the progress. Your attention to detail did not go unnoticed and your ideas were extremely helpful.

You came highly recommended to me and I would highly recommend RTI Builders to anyone who wants a building job done the right way and done quickly.

- Anne Remley

Donna and I had been thinking about expanding our house for quite some time. When we had talked to other people in our town of Cranford, there were a few companies that were suggested including RTI. RTI stood out though from the start when asking around because everyone who had used RTI was very satisfied with the professionalism, quality, and crafmanship and all were amazed at how quickly RTI gets the job done. We chose RTI for all of those reasons and are very glad that we did and are extremely happy with our new addition.

We chose to expand our dining room, family room, and to add a bathroom to the first floor. Rick had excellent ideas on the best ways to come up with a design plan to add the addition to our house. We were very impressed with this and used many of his suggestions. He also has great rapport with the township so that things ran smoothly with them on the plans from the start. The permit process was secured quickly and easily with the township through RTI. The township inspection process was set up through RTI so efficiently that there were no delays from that at all.

At the onset of the start of the addition on the first week of the job, Mark’s crew did an excellent job in working with the concrete subcontractor in setting the foundation and even tying it into the preexizting porch, giving the porch added stability. In addition, Mark ensured that the level of the floor was going to match exactly to the preexisting flooring of the house. Rick and Mark assisted us in makin sure that if we decided to expand further to the second floor later, this would be easily possible with the framing. Next, in jjust one day, they did the entire framing of the new addition to our amazment. The following day, they sheathed the entire new addition, put in all 5 new windows, the start of plumbing for the bathroom, shingled the roof, and knocked down the inner walls of the house and cleaned it all up. All in one day! ! Mark and his crew did a great job on the siding in stallation, gutters, and final touches outside.

Rick and Mark were always reachable for any and all of our questions and they paid very close attention to our ideas for the interior layout as we were getting to that aspect of the job and easily incorporated our changes in without delay. Before we knew it, instulation was installed and the sheet rock crew had come and did an excellent job putting up the sheet rock, tape, and spackle.

The electrician subcontractor, Corbin Electric, that RTI used was excellent and they put in a new upgraded electrical system into our house and hardwired smoke detectors and ran all the electrical rough into the addition quickly and accurately. They paid particular attention to lighting placement and answered all of our electrical related questions throughly and did a really nice job on the final touches.

For the bathroom, RTI suggsted H2O Bath and Kitchen as a source for our bathroom vanity, shower, toilet, and fixtures. We were very happy with their higher end projects to give our new bathroom a more elegant look.

Mark and his crew did an excellent job on the finish entry, baseboard, and window moldings. They were very careful to not damage our preexisting flooring and I really appreciated that. Mark was at our job every day and on time, never fail, with his crew. I really appreciated Mark’s reliability, professionalism, hard work, and orchestrstion of his crew and the subcontractors. He even came out after the job was completed to help me with an unrelated heating problem. Many thanks to Mark! As we have now settled into our new improved expanded house, we still cant believe how good of a job it is and how fast and non-disruptive to our daily lives it was. We are enjoying it immensly and would recommend RTI over all major builders.

- Mark C. Curley

It is with great pleasure that I recommend RTI Builders for a job well done. I have had the wonderful opportunity to have RTI Builders do construction at my house in Piscataway, NJ.

RTI Builders displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, punctuality, respect, and honesty. They definitely are leaders in their line of work. In addition to their excellent work, they have proven their leadership ability by organizing a job well done on my home.

RTI Builders are dependable and can be relied upon being there when asked. They exhibit sound judgment and ensure a job well done following through with a practical approach and made the construction transition very smooth and easy on my family.

RTI Builders would be an asset to your next construction job, and I am happy to give them my whole-hearted recommendation.

- Karen Bucknell

I must take a few moments out of my busy schedule to say “well done”. In my 22 year of being in the mortgage business dealing with contractors it is refreshing to encounter true craftsmanship and pride. You and your crew are true professionals. They were competent and courtesy – an unusual combination. You were right when you said that “any job, especially a high end job, is all about the details” and that is exactly what you did, you took care of details very well. Thank you on a personal level and a business level. My wife and I are very proud of our kitchen – it is unique in many aspects.

Another strong reason why I have so many accolades about RTI Builders is that your company did what you said in those predetermined time frames! You didn’t give me excuses, you gave me timely results. My kitchen to include all the build-outs was fully functional and complete in 5 weeks! A $250,000 job containing many unique details to an admittedly fastidious client in 5 weeks is incredible! Once again, in all my experience with contractors the fact remains that you are a man of your word and the best contractor that I have utilized! Thank you and my best to you in your future endeavors.

- Samuel P. Lamparello

Just to start off by saying we thank you for all the hard work, the expeditious service that was provided, and the professionalism that was demonstrated by your team in the project that you completed for us in May of 2005.

Our project was completed on time, and the only budget overrun was on our side and not yours. So being on time, and on budget was something that you lived up to.

We liked the “package” offer that you presented to us at the beginning of the process, where other companies that we interviewed did not provide a comprehensive solution to our needs.

We utilized the “partners” that you work with for cabinetry, plumbing, electric, heating and cooling, tiling and on each instance were satisfied with their overall value.

Thanks again for a great experience and we look forward to utilizing you for future projects.

- Harlan Keirstead

Jo Anne and I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our “new” home. Not just the finished project, but also the entire process from drafting the plans, to the coordination, though, timeliness, craftsmanship, professionalism, and integrity of your crew (particularly Will & Matt). Naturally, our skeptical friends and neighbors never truly believed we would be done in six weeks, so I stopped trying to convince them. Now they are lining up in amazement.

Equally as important as the quality and efficiency with which you guys work, we didn’t realize how challenging it is to coordinate all the other aspects of the addition, such as painting, floor coverings, carpet, faucets, etc. Your assistance with referrals and coordination in all of these areas was crucial to us.

Given the amount of research we put into the process, and the trepidation we had as homeowners embarking on such a huge investment, we are beyond satisfied. I think you know that I called about 7 or 8 referrals on your list, and inspected a few of those homes to put us at ease that this would not be a 6-9 month disaster like we have witnessed and heard about. Therefore, feel free to have any prospective client contact us as a reference in the future. I know of a couple of out friends and neighbors who will definitely be calling you shortly.

- The Rubins

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful addition to our home. It was obvious after our 1st meeting that selecting RTI for our home expansion was the right decision. Will and his crew were amazing. Not only are they skilled workers who take pride in their work, but so friendly and polite. Quite entertaining as well! It was an absolute pleasure having them here each and every day. We truly miss everyone.

We had two big concerns before we made our final decision to go ahead with such a large addition (approx 1,200 sq ft) . . . Design and Budget.

Since our house was built in the 1020’s and had a lot of charm, the design was very important to us. We wanted to make sure that it had the same character as the original house and that it did not look like “an addition”. You succeeded! We still have neighbors and passers stopping by to comment on how great the house looks. They all say that it looks like it had always been there. Please give our thanks to Chris for his help with the design.

We also had a very strict budget that we could not change. You worked with is to make sure we didn’t spend one penny more than we agreed to. Amazing! No one believes that we didn’t overspend.

Not only did we get a beautiful addition that was on time (5 weeks of construction) and on budget, you also made the entire process enjoyable.

- The Beauregards

As a follow-up to our phone conversation the other day, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your quick response in returning our deposit. Although we did not proceed with our home renovation, you understood our decision.

I wish you and your company continued success in the future.

- Ronald McGann

What can I say, perseverance and a skilled staff pays at the end. The house is gorgeous! Thank you! For all of your future endeavors, may Buddah bring you good luck and much fortune.

- The Chans

I wan to thank you for an excellent job on the addition to our house on Miara Street, Parlin. The workmanship was excellent and the addition was finished as quickly as you said it would be. All of your workers are highly skilled and are a pleasure to have around!

Your attention to detail was outstanding! Your personal attention to every phase of the construction made everything run smoothly and expertly. You are to be commended for the pride that you take in your work and for the ongoing communication that you maintain with the homeowner.

I am happy to be able to highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in any phase of construction for their home. They may call me if they would like my personal comments on my addition.

Thank you, again for a job well done.

- Jeanne Polinski

What an amazing project, and excellent job by you and your team. Everything is great. You are also doing everything that you said you would, which makes Sue and I very happy. We though it would turn out great, and it has exceeded our original expectations. We also didn’t think we would develop a friendship with our builder… but we did. Thanks for everything.

- Harlan and Susan Keirstead

Thank you for making our home so beautiful. Everything from stat to finish was amazing. We were very lucky to have had you as our builders and we wish you many more years of success!

- The Janis Family

We just wanted to persona thank you and your staff on the IMPRESSIVE RENOVATION you did on our house. Not only did you deliver as promised in the 3-week period; you also made the coordination of the Township’s and HUD inspections run smooth as silk. No wonder it took only 22 days to add an entire level onto our house!

Len and John are exceptionally talented individuals, and are “keepers” in my book. If I were you, I would give them a big fat raise!

Thanks for taking a tired looking 65-year old Cape, and in less than 3 weeks turned it into the “showplace” of the block! (My neighbors are ecstatic!)

Your trained eye to the esthetic detail of the final product created a thing of beauty. From the first introduction with Len, to the final product with you, it has made a lasting impression. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to renovate his or her home. In fact, my family has said you should be the “poster child” for New Jersey’s construction industry.

Thank you again for a job well done.

- Pat & Paul

I would like to take this time to say, “Thank You” so much for the beautiful job that your crew, John, Matt, Karl, and Danny did on our house. We receive compliments almost every day on the change and beauty of it.

We, John and I, were also impressed with the time frame it was done, even with the rain. I was happy to see that you were here to make sure all was going well.

In the event someone should ask for recommendations, I will be more than happy to give it. Feel free to have anyone call me if ever needed.

Once again, Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.

- Jenny & John Milla

We just wanted to write to express our gratitude for a job well done on our addition.

If you remember, when we started interviewing contractors, we were getting the run-around from everyone BUT RTI. Other contractors would only tell you have the story, only to be in deception later on. We really appreciated your upfront approach, honesty, and integrity – not only in the beginning of the project, but all the way through.

We also wanted to express how much we liked your crew. They cared about every detail, were gentlemen, and fine craftsmen. RTI’s quality was apparent even to the township inspectors with their rave reviews as the project progressed.

Speaking of progress – we were amazed at your speed and accuracy in completing the addition which was finished well ahead of schedule. It’s one thing to be fast, it’s another to produce such quality while working quickly. RTI accomplished both.

Rick, you are a man of your word and we would recommend RTI to anyone with a home project.

Thanks again to you and your crew for being such professionals. We know we made the right choice with RTI.

- Barbara & Louis Cookie

I can’t believe it has been almost 3 months that the addition has been completed on our home. Tim and I are real happy with the space that it has added to our home as well as the quality of work that was performed by RTI Builders. In the beginning, Tim and I didn’t know what to expect from RTI Builders just hearing bad storied of other builders on the news and in the area. Putting an addition on our home is a big experience and requires a lot of decision making from the homeowner.

Having RTI Builders perform the task at our home made it an easy process. The only way I could describe the project is just as you see it on the “Home Makeover” show on TV. The staff of RTI Builders are punctual, responsible, and neat. Each day I couldn’t wait to come home from work and see the progress just in the one day. The end result of the project was ‘Just what we wanted’.

Tim and I are finishing up the last minute touches in the new addition and are ready to celebrate out Thanksgiving Holiday Tradition at our home. With the space and the new design of our home is has made this possible.

Tim and I greatly appreciate your personal contribution to our home project these past few weeks. It takes a lot of skill to perform the job you do each day and you make it look very easy. We look forward to our next addition with RTI and wish you the best of luck with your next projects.

Thank you very much for all your hard work.

- Randi and Tim

It was a pleasure having RTI Builders handle our home renovation this past July. How you and your crew were able to start and complete a two bedroom, two baths, “add a level” in less than four weeks is still amazing to us and all our neighbors and friends that watched the progress, and now see the finished product. Your insight, guidance, and professionalism through the planning stage of the process, and your attention to every detail during the “build” phase clearly OUT-CLASS anyone in your line of work, in the greater New Jersey area.

At the completion of the job (and at the end of each day’s work) your crew made sure all areas effected by the construction activities were clean and tidy. There was never any material or mess left behind, and the crewmen were honest, friendly, hardworking people that always earned a “day’s pay for a day’s work”. Nobody worked harder or more efficiently than your guys. Add to that, along the way we (the owners) made some modifications to the original specifications, and you and your crew were most flexible and accommodating, handling adjustments “on the fly”, never missing a beat in the schedule.

We have been settled in for a while, at this point, and could not be happier with the results. For out next renovation, we know we only have to make one call, to RTI Builders, to get the job done, on time or early, as specified, no surprises.

- Bill Harvey

We are writing to you to show our appreciation regarding the construction work that you completed on our home.

Previously we hired a contractor that we had many complications with, one being the mishandling of architect money, never giving us a start date, which is illegal, also the drawings that we received through this contractor had many flaws. You were able to detect those flaws and to work around those flaws to revise the plans.

You also worked professionally with our bank and the HUD inspector to make sure everything flowed appropriately. The contractor we previously had did not have the figures right with the bank to complete the proper draws. You also put the in proper order with working with the HUD inspector.

You had estimated that the work would be competed in a timely manner. We were very impressed with the time you completed this large construction project of four bedrooms, one bath, and a walk up attic. You completed all this work in three and a half weeks. If we would have kept our original contractor I believe it would have been six months to a year that this work would have been completed.

Every day you were here at my house overseeing the project, not that your workers needed your presence, because they worked tremendously. You wanted to make sure that everything was okay to my satisfaction. You also invited me to your wonderful house where we discussed the architecture plans and how the arrangements of the construction would go. I don’t think any other contractor could show the respect and loyalty that you’ve shown me.

My family and I want to thank you and recommend you to anyone that needs work one on their home. You can have them call me at any time if you need recommendation.

- Anthony Sellers and Family

Let me start out by saying plain and simple, thank you very much! We are so happy with our addition and of the beautiful work that was done, that we can’t help but smile every time we walk in the door. From the time we first met, until the day your crew left, our experience with RTI Builders has been professional, pleasant, and above all, personable.

Our first impression of your company was when Len made a sales call and walked through our ideas and plans with us. Len was exceedingly knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable right away. We could tell immediately that your company was experienced and capable of doing the work we wanted to accomplish. Len stopped back a few times, gave us his cell phone number, and always called us back when we had questions. To be honest, we were at least 50% sold on RTI before we ever even met you. Still we met with three other builders before making our final decision. Ultimately we found no other company that could even come close to the reference list of satisfied customers that you provided!

Next, you came in and bowled us over with even more ideas and thoughts. This was our first time doing any type of major addition work, and you brought your years of experience in and helped us design what would become our perfect addition. We were very impressed with the amount of time you were willing to spend with us, before we even signed the contract. You and Len were always available to bounce ideas off of and spent a lot of time and effort helping us design to suit our needs. We were never rushed or pushed in any direction and we were always comfortable with the recommendations being made. When we came up with our final plans, we were happy when you responded with a price, which was right, and a schedule that was great.

Once the work had begun, we were very pleased with all of the workers and subcontractors that came to work on our home. Since we lived in our home with three small children (aged 4, 2, and 1) throughout the process, it was wonderful that everyone was courteous, helpful, and ever cognizant of our family. We couldn’t have asked for better people. When our deck was removed from the back of the house, you immediately locked down the sliding door out the back, thereby insuring no one would accidentally get hurt. When we designed our kitchen, you helped persuade us to make our countertops a lower height to be safer for the kids.

The concern for our family didn’t stop with you. We honestly can say that all of the RTI crew was mindful of our children and even our dogs. Each night the gates to the dog pen were carefully locked up to assure the dogs didn’t get out by mistake. The subcontractors use for our HVAC and Electric work also took great care to immediately clean up any area that may have posed a danger to our family. Once again we cannot say enough about how wonderful everyone was to work with!

One of the most impressive aspects of the job was how well planned the entire process was. Everyone we’ve spoken with about our major renovation has always commented on the speed in which RTI was able to work at. There was never a delay for any reason, and the crew never sat around waiting for material or deliveries. After about 10 days of foundation work done in the middle of March, your crew began the ‘building’ on March 27. On that date, you said you would be out of our house and onto the next job in 3 and ½ weeks or less. When we were telling others about how fast our job would be done, no one would believe us.

John, your foreman, and his crew are a very organized team. During this time we had the April snowstorm to contend with. You watched the weather forecasts and assured that the roof was on the new addition just in case the storm really happened. While we are certain many builders would have taken the day off, your crew was able to work inside our home during the storm, and we actually had to make room for your 3 trucks to get into our driveway so the plows could come down the street! Our job was competed on April 18th, almost 3 weeks to the day from when you stepped foot on to our jobsite!

We were quite impressed, as were many others we had spoken to about our job. You probably wont’ hear this very often either, but when we were working with our township inspectors, they told us that they’ve never come across such a well coordinated builder! We were calling so often for inspections; they had a hard time keeping up with RTI. All of our inspections passed without a problem and we are extremely happy with our finished product!

Once again, we cannot say enough good words about you and your staff. If there is ever a need for a recommendation for others, please do not hesitate to list our name and number for your reference list. Also, we will definitely put your name out to anyone who is in need of a contractor. Thank you again for a job well done!

- Paul and Leslie Wasserman

I just wanted to drop you a note regarding the construction work your firm performed on my house last year. I waited a while to ensure that the work held up and I didn’t develop any issues with the harsh winter and heavy rains of the spring.

As you may remember, I previously hired a contractor by the name of “Creative Builders”. I suffered numerous problems. He regularly refused to pay subcontractors who then quit in the middle of the work. He caused me to actually witness four different contractors within a two-month period attempt to complete my house. All of these contractors then complained about the difficulty of working on a house that was 110 years old with a cement block first floor. Since I had already paid this contractor over $19,000.00, I felt that I was trapped. If you remember, the final straw that caused me to fire him was his comment that he would pay for a tree to be planted to hide the mismatched siding he installed!

I was really in a bind now that I fired the contractor and now half of a house sided with numerous code violations that would not pass inspection. Furthermore I was $19,000.00 in a hole with only $5,000.00 left for the original estimate. He was not sue-able since I found out the he had $500,000.00 in judgments against him. (He is still a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau!)

I called around for estimates with a little hope that I would find someone I could trust. My confidence in the entire Home Improvement industry was shot! I continually received estimates that included complete removal of the existing work and full re-installation at a cost exceeding the original estimate.

You were one of the contractors who arrived to provide an estimate. Let me just say that you are the only contractor who did not spend the entire time you looked at the house telling me how badly I got screwed. I already knew that . . . . that’s why I was getting new estimates. You seemed to instinctively understand that and avoid embarrassing me further.

Your willingness to legitimately help me with my problem was a godsend. You were willing to work with the left over material that could be salvaged from the last contractor and agreed to provide whatever was missing. While that made me a little nervous, you proved your integrity by not dollaring me to death with unexpected costs. You stuck to your estimate just like you said.

While we had minor difficulties getting a start date, I found that it was worth the wait. When my turn came your crew showed up every single day. I was given your full attention and your crew didn’t leave until I was satisfied with the work.

I really must compliment you on your staff. John runs an excellent crew. His commitment to excellence is clearly evident in the workmanship of my house. Your crew actually washed the siding that had been lying in the driveway for two years before putting it on the house! I frequently get compliments on the quality of the construction.

All of the complaints I received from the other contractors about working on a cement house simply did not happen with John. He just got it done. Some of the more challenging portions of the house were done with craftsmanship and patience. I can see that just by looking at it. The mismatched siding that 4 different contractors couldn’t resolve was resolved without John even involving me, again he just got it done. He quietly repaired the issues on the house caused by the other contractor without fanfare. I couldn’t believe this guy. I started to wonder what the punch line was going to be. Was I going to get slammed at the end for all of this?

I was almost nervous about mentioning the need to get shutters on the cement house. I was definitely out of money. You expressed sympathy about my predicament and actually backed it up with action and installed the shutters as past of the job. You really walked the walk Rick. Since I was completely out of money, I ended up paying almost exactly what I originally intended to pay for the project.

I have recommended your firm to four other people and will continue to do so. Good luck in the future and thank you for a job well done!

- Michael P. Kilcoyne

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful job you and your crew did on our renovations. What could have been a living nightmare turned into a dream. You should call yourself the “Dream Come True Man”.

Both Bob and I were hesitant about doing work on the house due to all the horror stories we heard. Needless to say I was a nervous wreck. Thanks to one of Bob’s coworkers who referred you to us we met Len who gave us an estimate on the design we had an Architect. Your initial estimate for the total job was higher than we thought it would cost, but then you and Len both visited and we spent a few hours discussing what we could do and how to change our design to accommodate our budget.

You were filled of enthusiasm and had such wonderful ideas. We felt so very comfortable with you and got the feeling right away that you were the right contractor for us. We had gotten other estimates – some lower and some higher, but none of those contractors spent any time with us, nor did they have any ideas to share with us. You worked with our Architect to change the design based on the ideas you had and even got him to lower his cost to change the plans.

Rick, you are indeed a man of your word. You gave us a price and stuck by it – no hidden surprises, no nickel and diming us to death. When we couldn’t match the vinyl siding, we worked out a deal that benefited us both. You helped us make informed decisions about our heating and AC systems. All the suppliers you sent us to were also great to work with. You finished the job in less than 3 weeks. Everyone told us that would never happen and we are so happy to brag about the wonderful job and how quickly and problem free the job went. We passed inspections with flying colors, in fact, one of the inspectors told us what a great builder we had and could we give him your business card. That says a lot about your work.

Your crew was wonderful – Will kept a tight ship. It was so nice to be on a first name basis with the crew and know that each day the same men were here. Even our dog was happy to see them and they were always very aware of closing doors and gates so the dog would not leave the house or property.

You and Will run a very clean and safe job. We could not get over how the guys scrubbed the driveway after the dumpster was removed. The sub-contractors that came to work on the house were great. We felt and knew we could trust anyone you sent to our house. You were here every day checking on things, making sure material was delivered, ensuring we were happy, and scheduling subcontractors. We know that or a job to be completed without a glitch you were working 24-7 making sure all goes smoothly.

Our biggest concern was out new kitchen – you sent us to a kitchen designer and we got the kitchen of our dreams (actually Linda did). Everyone who sees it tells us it should be in a magazine. You even made suggestions to the kitchen design that were perfect.

An unexpected plus was your great suggestion about making the new addition our living room and using our living room as the dining room. We just love the new living room – it is so light and airy – we feel like we are outside without the bugs . . . we can walk out onto our new deck and be in the backyard.

We took photos of all the phases of the job – feel free to share them with potential customers. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others – please feel free to consider us as a reference. Thank you for doing such a great job.

- Linda & Bob Rolando

When Joe and I decided to do an addition, we spoke with a number of friends and acquaintances who had done additions. Based on their experiences, we were expecting a long, drawn out process with a lot of back and forth between the builder, the architect, and us. Our experience with RTI Builders proved them wrong. Not only was it a positive experience, but the results exceeded our expectations. We are so thrilled that Rosemarie Capucci suggested we contact you.

While we did work with an architect to get our variance, working with a design builder for the actual project was a smart decision. You understood what we were looking for and what our limitations were. We covered minute details of the contract and negotiated what would be included in the project; you were forthright about what was included and what was not. Most importantly, the price you gave us at our initial meeting was the price we ended up paying.

In addition, tweaking the plans did not delay the process and did not increase our costs. And, because you’re a builder with on-site experience, your suggestions had merit, were not always cosmetic, and were on the money. Your suggestion, for example, to revise the entrance to our dining room truly enhanced the look of the hallway and did not delay the project at all.

One of the most amazing benefits of working with RTI Builders was the time investment, or lack thereof. When we first met with you, you said the job would take 4 weeks. We believed you because of Rosemarie Capucci’s experience with you, but it was still hard to comprehend that you would be able to complete all new doors, all new windows, new roofline, new roof, and new siding. You actually beat your estimate by one day; your crew was out of our house in three weeks and four days. We did have to wait an additional week to have the kitchen finalized, but that was only because the hardwood floors needed one week without traffic to cure. Once the floors were ready, Certified Kitchens was in our house installing the toe kicks ad other finishing touches.

Rick, one of your greatest attributes is your ability to motivate your subcontractors. They arrived on time, they were in constant communication with your team, and they completed the work when promised. We are so pleased we chose to work with your suggested kitchen contractor, Certified Kitchens, as opposed to another contractor. The other contractors gave us estimates of 8-12 weeks while Bob at Certified Kitchens promised to finish the project on your time schedule – and he delivered on that promise.

Every morning, Will and the rest of the crew arrived at our house at 6:30 a.m. Before my husband and I left for work, Will walked through the house with us reviewing the previous day’s work, explaining what was going to happen f or that day, and addressing any outstanding questions and/or issues. As needed, he kept in contact with us throughout the day. Will is a true gentleman, and it was a pleasure to work with him.

Following Will’s lead, the crew members were polite, friendly, and considerate. At 7:00 each morning, as the town permits, your crew started working on the house. And work they did. Every evening when we came home, we were amazed with the progress. We also were please with the cleanliness of our home and our yard. Two of my neighbors were so impressed with the crew, the speed of the addition, and the appearance of our house and yard each day that they spoke directly with Will about it. One described the scene during the day as “a swarm of worker bees” around the house, with each bee working diligently throughout the day, avoiding distractions while still being polite to the neighbors, and being sure to clean up their mess.

Questions and issues were addressed in a timely and professional manner, and the end product is just as fantastic. The biggest challenge for us throughout the process was to make decisions as fast as you needed them to be made.

In summary, as I think you know from the referrals we have given you, Joe and I found it to be a true pleasure to work with you and your team.

- Susan Pink